Quick Dir

Quick Dir

Quick operation of files and directories

4 viewports can be opened in one window

Often need to switch back and forth between multiple windows? It is inconvenient and seriously affects work efficiency.
Quick Dir can open 4 viewports in one window, allowing you to easily operate on multiple folders in one window, which avoids the trouble of repeatedly switching windows and greatly improves work efficiency.

Create file from Right-Click

Mac do not have the function of right-clicking to create a file, and some users are not used to it.
Quick Dir allows you to create new files using the right-click menu.

Integrated 7-zip (Compress & Decompress)

7-zipis an acclaimed compression and decompression tool. Support for .7z, .zip, .tar, .wim, .rar(decompress), etc.
It has been integrated into Quick Dir, Support cross viewport operation. You can select files in multiple folders with the mouse and compress them.

Some toolkits

Convert image format to another.
Make .icns & .ico .
Convert .icns & .ico to PNGs.
Export icon from a App.
and more Utilities .....
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